Updates to Share

Happy Friday Friends, Updates to Share I’ve been so busy with the boring parts of the business ( updating and fixing the website) that I have not filmed as of yet the rest of the installments for Disney 2012. It’s 10:10 pm EST as I’m writing this so the day has certainly gotten away fromContinue reading “Updates to Share”

The Importance of Journaling

Hello Friends, Today, I want to talk about journaling and why I think it should be on every page of your scrapbooks. I know the statement I just made has made some seasoned scrapbookers lift their eyebrow but hear me out! lol The first scrapbook I started was a travel themed album of my Grandmother’sContinue reading “The Importance of Journaling”

Basic Design Concepts 101: Visual Triangle

Note: Each week I will be exploring design fundamentals and how they are used in scrapbooking. Some of which you use without even knowing it! The visual triangle: What is it and how is it used in both scrapbooking and graphic design. A visual triangle is an invisible triangle formed when design elements are arrangedContinue reading “Basic Design Concepts 101: Visual Triangle”

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