What I’m Passionate About

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What are you passionate about?

Hey Friends,

What I’m Passionate About

  • I’m passionate about Jesus and sharing the awesome things he’s done for me! God blessed me with children, He gave me more time with my Dad when he was dying from cancer, He saved my Mom after having a stroke. They are big things but God is also about the little everyday things too. You just have to be a willing vessel to see them!
  • My children and the connections I have with them. As a mother I feel that it’s my responsibility to instill in them the importance of family and unity. I love doing things with my kids and my nephews and niece. We are all planning our “Do Over” trip to Disney since my nephew ended up sick with Covid while we there last year.
  • Sharing my love of scrapbooking. Scrapbooking for me is about preserving memories in a creative way. It’s why I started Redheaded StoryKeeper and why I’m always taking photos. Years from now I want my children to be able to look at their albums and remember all the precious memories we had as a family. You can check out my gallery here to see a sample of my pages.

So, I hope this short post gives you a little more insight into me and why I do what I do.

Thanks for stopping by! I would love to know what your passions are so leave them in the comments! Are you interested in learning more about scrapbooking? Check out my Youtube channel here

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