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June Journaling Prompts -It’s June and schools are either out or will be in the next week or so, Summer is officially upon us and I thought it would be a great idea to create a list of June Journaling prompts to inspire you to journal or create a page or two this summer! So, here goes

  1. Have your kids (or yourself) write a list of all the things they (you) are looking forward to this summer. Do you have a vacation planned? Beach Days? Road Trip? Going to your favorite amusement park? Visiting someone?
  2. A Day in the Life – Pick a day and journal and photograph the day. It could be a day you decide to go to a special place like your favorite coffee bar, beach spot, or store.
  3. What’s your favorite activity to do with your family in the Summer?
  4. Take me out to the ballgame – Do you love baseball as much as I do? Well, take yourself, your kiddos, or your friends to a baseball game. I guarantee a fun time! Baseball not your jam, go to an outdoor event and document it!
  5. Do you like to read during the summer? List your book list for the summer. Bonus for August – document how many you actually read. I still have 2 books on my shelf from last summer I haven’t read.
  6. Summer Vacation – Document your trip. I personally like to document every day during my vacation so I don’t forget anything. I don’t have great recall memory so I always try to write a little something each day or as soon as we get back so I don’t forget.
  7. Do something you’ve never done before and document it. This is especially fun if it’s a kiddos first, like going fishing on a boat, riding a roller coaster, etc.
  8. What is the best part about the summer for you? You can have your kids write out their response and include it in your journal or scrapbook.
  9. Favorite Holiday/Birthday in the Summer – Mine is the 4th of July because of the fireworks. It could also be a birthday. Our family has 3 birthdays during the summer. My son’s birthday is June 8th, My Mom’s is June 13th and my youngest daughter’s is July 18th. We are also celebrating milestone birthdays this summer. My son will be 10 and my daughter 16.
  10. Favorite place to visit in the summer – For some, it’s a weekly trek to the beach, for others it’s camping. What is your favorite place to be in the summer? I live 10 miles from the ocean so the beach is my backyard and while I love it, I don’t like the traffic it brings. My favorite places to go are Amusement parks. My favorite is Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Va. It holds a lot of memories as I use to go there with my family when I was a kid. I rode my first roller coaster there – the Loch Ness Monster which is still there. Love that place!! Highly recommend you take a trip there and don’t forget Colonial Williamsburg. It’s a great place to connect with history

I hope this list sparks some ideas for your summer and gets your creativity flowing!

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