Do I Practice Religion?

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Do you practice religion?

Do I Practice Religion?

Yes, I’m a Christian and Jesus is the center of my life and of my business but I don’t call it being religious but rather having a relationship with God. He’s not concerned with the pomp and circumstance that man places on religion, It’s about the relationship you form with Him. It’s as simple as that.

I spent my younger years growing up in the Catholic Church. My grandmother was a strict Irish Roman Catholic who went to Mass every Sunday. My brother and I use to spend the weekends with her and she would take us to church. She laid the foundation of my faith. I didn’t understand the importance of those Sundays back then but as I got older, I surely did. It wasn’t until she passed away and I had my own “come to Jesus moment” when my life fell apart did I feel the real need to give my life back to Christ.

Today, I go to a Nondenominational Church called Redeeming Love Christian Fellowship in Galloway, NJ where I serve as Media Ministry Leader, Deaconess, and Praise Team Member. I know my Grandmother is smiling down on me knowing that I have a relationship with Jesus!

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