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Daily writing prompt
What personal belongings do you hold most dear?

Hello Friends,

First off let me say that I’m enjoying journaling the daily writing prompt. I hope it gives you a little peek into what makes me tick!

You can probably already guess what I’m going to say about this question….My photos and scrapbooks are what I hold dear.

I am my family’s StoryKeeper. My philosophy is photos lost are memories lost and when we are gone from this Earth the memories that live in others are the only thing that remains. Scrapbooking records and preserves our memories for future generations to sweetly reminisce.

My Aunt Charlotte passed a few years ago and I, along with my Mother were tasked with cleaning out her house to be sold. She had a fairly large house that she lived in for nearly 60 years. Her and my Uncle Howard, my Mother’s brother, never threw anything out unless it was broken. So, needless to say it was a walk through history going through their belongings. What amazed me is she wrote everything down. Notes to herself about kitchen appliances worked, notes about her garden, notes about recipes, and journals which she started writing in high school way back in 1950! She also made scrapbooks complete with journaling about my Uncle’s travels overseas while he was in the Army.

I have learned more about my Aunt and Uncle in their younger years by looking through her journals and scrapbooks than I had ever known while they were here. I cherish all the photos and memories. It’s my hope when I’m gone that my life is remembered fondly when my family looks through my scrapbooks.

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