Creative Goals for 2023

Hello Friends,

I just posted a question over on my personal Facebook page and Instagram asking about your Creative Goals for 2023. Do you make goals for yourself? If you do, how many?

I have a few thoughts about creative goals and I thought a blog post would be the perfect place to share so here goes!

I do create goals for myself each year. I find that when I create a goal, I stick with it and for the most part complete it. In 2022 a vast majority of the year was devoted to finishing project albums. I completed pages from a Lady Antebellum concert and a trip to Hershey Park from 2014. My next big goal was completing our first trip to Disney from 2012. I’ve completed 95% of it. I would have finished it by years end however, I stopped so that I could make for Christmas. It was a needed break because I was getting tired of looking at Disney! lol Especially since we just came back in August from our second trip to Disney. I also had a goal of organizing my space so that it was functional so I could be more productive. I find this goal to be something that is always in the mix because I’m always finding new organizational products to try and I’m learning to let go of things that I don’t use anymore so that I can bring new things into my space. Right now, if you were looking at my desk you would think I’d be lying but everything does have a space where it lives, it just doesn’t always get back there when I’m finished!

How to create goals:

  1. Look at the projects you need to finish. Make a list of things you haven’t completed and start there. Do you have pages with missing Titles, Journaling or Embellishments?
  2. Look at your supplies. Do you have a collection of papers and embellishments for a special album for a trip or special occasion. Add that to the list.
  3. Take a cue from your photos you already have printed. I have boxes of photos that can be scrapbooked at any given moment! Set a goal of scrapping a stack of old photos.
  4. Take a class and learn a new skill. As creatives it’s important to always be growing in our skills and learning new ones. Breaking out of your comfort zones and stretching your creativity will help you not only create more but it will bring you some joy in the process.

Before you know it, you have a nice list of projects you can work on during the year. Go at your own pace and if you need a break from a big project, take it! When you come back to it you will have some more creative mojo to get it done.

My 2023 Creative Goals:

  1. Finish Disney 2012 & 2022 Albums.
  2. Complete December Daily 2022
  3. Play with Mixed Media more.
  4. Finish layouts for 2015

I have some hefty goals for myself and this list doesn’t include the goals I have for the business. That will be a separate blog post that will be coming soon! So, tell me what do you want to accomplish this year?

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