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For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Kim, and I am a graphic designer and long-time scrapbooker of 20+ years! My passion is creating. Whether it be designing in Adobe Suite or scrapbooking my family’s memories, I believe it’s all art. My mission is to help others appreciate the importance of memory keeping and expressing yourself creatively!

Today’s topic is one that I feel isn’t talked about in the art world enough regardless of the art form. Knowing your worth and being able to convey it can be hard at times. In my own experience, I’ve heard many times when people ask you what you do they say, “that’s not a real job,” or when they see your price list they say, ” Why does it cost that much?” or ” I can go to x site and get it for $5″ and my favorite, “It doesn’t take all that!” All these things can chip away at your self-confidence as an artist and as a business owner. I’m here to tell you differently and to give you some of my insights.

First things first, Art in whatever form is a job! If you are making money creating what you love, then it is a job! Creatives have to treat it as a job first before anyone else can. Be confident and proud of your skills and work! Your enthusiasm for what you do will be contagious, and people will want you to create for them and won’t mind the price tag that comes with it!

Your prices should reflect your years of experience and any schooling you may have. I have two degrees, a Bachelor of Fine Art from American Intercontinental University and a Master of Fine Art from FullSail University. I have spent countless hours studying graphic design and branding. I have the expertise and knowledge that you won’t find just anywhere. My prices reflect the expertise I have gained by continuing to learn my craft. Be willing to stand your ground with your pricing. We all have to eat and pay our bills. Our business is just like any other business, so don’t short-change yourself.

Have a firm policy in place when doing business with family and friends. Doing business with family and friends is a touchy subject and could be a topic for discussion all on its own, but I’m going to touch on it briefly. I’ve had mixed experiences in this area, some good and some bad. What I have learned from those experiences is this. Always have a contract and get a deposit before you show any work! My time is valuable to me. If someone wants me to spend hours strategizing and creating design concepts before paying their deposit or signing a contract, they are not the client for me, regardless of who they are.

Lastly, It’s our responsibility as creators to educate our potential clients. The average person has no idea the time and skills it takes to do your craft. If a client questions pricing or the timeline of a project, instead of getting upset, use that moment to educate them in your creative process and the amount of time it takes to do what they are asking correctly.

Know your worth, value your time, and so will everyone else!

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