Happy Monday!

I hope you are all well and you had a great weekend. I know I did. With summer winding down my kids are trying to get the most out of every moment!

Today, I want to share a few photos I’ve taken on a recent photoshoot I did of my amazing BFF and her husband. The setting of this photoshoot was at a park with a large covered gazebo and I made sure to arrive early so that I could shoot some test shots to figure out the best settings and to find locations within the park that would make perfect settings for her portraits. It was cloudy but not to the point it was gloomy which turned out to be perfect lighting because there were no harsh shadows that bright sunny days create.

Original photo – Notice the greens in the picture and how bright they look. The white balance was set on AWB which distorted the greens in the photo and brightened it too much. This tree is huge and was very shaded where the squirrel perched himself.
This is the edited version of the photo.

In Photoshop, my first edit was to crop the photo using the grid making sure to center the squirrel within the center square because he was the main focus of the image. The next step was to tone down the green in the leaves and the bark by fixing the white balance and creating a hue and saturation adjustment layer. By creating this adjustment layer you can specifically adjust or change the color in your photo. Once the greens were toned down I targeted the brown in the squirrel to subtly draw your attention to him. That was it! I took a less is more approach and I truly love the way it turned out!

Here are some more photos I took while playing with my settings:

Both of these are unedited. I have a Canon Rebel T6 and while it’s considered an introductory DSLR, it takes beautiful photos and I’ve learned that it’s your understanding of your camera, not money you spent on it determines the success or failure of a photo. My first upgrade and rather inexpensive to boot was the 50 mm lens or the Nifty Fifty as it is often referred to, which is what I used to take these photos. I love this little lens! I took some great photos with it on our trips to Busch Gardens and Hershey. It’s a great portrait lens because of the shallow depth of field which creates the beautiful background blur seen in the above photos. Since the lower aperture (f1.8) also brings in more light it also makes it ideal for low light conditions. It is a fixed lens, however, which means you have to move to get the shot but I found when taking vacation photos it forced me to get creative with the composition which in turn made for better storytelling.

I’ll be sure to post the photoshoot photos once my friend sees them. They came out great, and I’m so glad I took the extra time to figure out the logistics before they arrived!

Thanks for stopping by, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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