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I’m spending the day in the AC today because it’s just too hot and humid here in New Jersey..sigh..the price you pay to look at the ocean every day. I love it and if I ever moved it would have to be somewhere on the coast. I spent 3 years in West Virginia and while I loved the mountains and the gorgeous fall foliage, I missed the salty air and the sun twinkling off the ocean waves so much..But I digress..

I wanted to share with you the logo I designed for this site! I love it so much! SO, here it is…

Logo design is something I’m passionate about. Good logo design is simple, clean, and classic.

A logo can be defined as a graphical representation of your business. A logo visually communicates your brand in a way that is meaningful and memorable to all that see it, so it is important to get it right. 

There are different types of logos to choose from each creating a different distinction all their own. 

Logotype or Wordmark: Is the text version of the company name. A logotype can be made from any font and are often customized to create further distinction. Legibility is key so be careful when choosing a font class like Serif or Script. The font you choose has to be legible from a distance and in varying sizes.  A tagline can also be added to a logotype to better describe what your business is about.

Icon or Symbol: An icon is a graphic that represents your business and is used to create distinction and be memorable to you’re the viewer. An icon is often seen alone and is instantly recognizable to all who see it. A perfect example is McDonald’s Golden Arch, young and old can identify it high above on the interstate sign. 

Combination Mark: A combination of a logotype and a symbol or icon. The logo above is an example of a combination mark. The advantages of creating a combination mark is it creates a strong visual representation of your brand by further defining it. As brand recognition grows the symbol or icon is often used alone in different applications. 

I decided to create a combination mark because the name Redheaded Story Keeper while unique does not define itself. The creation of the computer mouse, book, and camera along with the tagline directly under the logo further defines who the Redheaded Story Keeper is. 

A logo is the most important component of your brands visual identity and as such, the decisions made in regards to the design should be made with great thought in who your company is and what message you want to visually create. I hope this simple explanantion of the types of logos help you decide what is best for your business!

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