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My name is Kim and I am the Redheaded Story Keeper. I’m so glad you stopped by. This blog is about my three passions, graphic design, scrapbooking, and photography.

A Little More About Me

My creative journey started in 2002 when I began scrapbooking. I acquired my grandmother’s travel photos when she passed away. At first I was a little disheartened because as many times as I’d seen them as a child I couldn’t remember the stories behind them. It was then I realized the importance of documenting the stories as well as preserving the photos. In 2011 I became a certified Scrapbook Instructor for EK Success Spotted Canary School. This is where I learned design concepts and how to build a well rounded page. I loved it! I loved using the concepts I learned to help others create their own masterpieces!

I decided in 2012 to go back to school for graphic design. In 2015 I graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Art specializing in Graphic Design from American Intercontinental University. After graduation, I wanted more. I was not satisfied with just theory and the technical aspects of graphic design, I wanted to dig deeper into the world of branding. In 2016 I graduated with a Master of Fine Art in Media Design from Full Sail University. This program allowed me to completely understand the fundamentals of branding and what makes a great brand tick.

Photography came naturally to me. My father loved to take pictures and would often take walks when we were camping and take photos of whatever caught his eye. Once developed I would look at them wondering why there were so many of the trees or the ground! Picture taking became a way of life for me, especially when I became a Mom and avid scrapbooker. I would purposely buy pattern papers because they would match outfits and vice versa.

My Purpose

The purpose of this blog is to share tips, techniques, and inspiration of all my passions because for me, they all intertwine. I can’t create a balanced and captivating scrapbook page without the photos, stories, and design elements to support it. Graphic design and branding for me work in much the same way. To effectively communicate a brand or design you must have all the right components that together, tell the story you want your audience to know.

I look forward to this new and exciting journey and I hope you will come along with me.


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I am a creative soul who loves scrapbooking, graphic design, and photography.

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